Stop thinking. Start writing. 

Seven days, seven creative writing prompts to

get you out of your head and back to the page.

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Ease the pressure.


Get back in the flow.

Writing has a way of leading to more writing. Sometimes you just need to write for one reason only: fun.


Have a place to start.

Ten minutes doesn't sound like much, and that's the point. You can do almost anything for 10 minutes, so you'll show up.

No need to worry what to write. Each prompt gives you a new idea to explore, and works for fiction or memoir.

Get back in the flow with the Writer's Pick-Me-Up:

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Alissa Johnson is a nationally published and award winning writer whose work has appeared in The Wall Street Journal and Dirt Rag Magazine among other publications. She is an associate editor at the Crested Butte News and is a regular contributor to Wilderness News. Her writing has won awards from FundsforWriters and the Colorado Press Association, and she holds an MFA in Creative and Professional Writing from Western Connecticut State University (WCSU). She has taught at WCSU, Western State Colorado University, and the annual writing conference, Writing the Rockies.

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